Spherex Vaporizers and Cartridges

We here at Elements Boulder are excited to bring you our newest brand of cartridges and vaporizers from Spherex! We’ve brought on three of their product lines: 500mg strain specific threaded Spherex cartridges, 500mg Spherex Pax Pods, and 300mg Spherex disposable vaporizers. Spherex prides themselves on delivering a pure, highly refined, and terpene rich concentrate that tastes great and kicks like a mule. All of their concentrates are extracted using supercritical CO2 and a proprietary refinement process to remove any undesirable compounds and to increase the potency of the concentrate. The raw cannabis oil extracted with the CO2 tends to come out around 60% THC but by the time their refined distillation is complete, that number has jumped up to 80-90% range. This same refined CO2 oil goes into all of their cartridges, be they disposable, 510 threaded, or their Pax Pods.

Most industry standard cartridges and batteries have 510 threading, and so too do Spherex’s 500mg twist-on cartridges. Their 510 threaded cartridges are all strain specific CO2 extracted THC with cannabis derived terpenes reintroduced after the refinement process. The strains available include Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Sweet Jack, Mango Kush, Lemon Haze, and their 3:1 CBD:THC ratio cartridge. Spherex boasts a taste for every palate with 10 different terpene profiles to choose from, with a minimum of 3% terpenes per cartridge. Their concentrates are “100% solvent free, never cut with pg/vg/mct [propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin/medium chain triglycerides, all harmful cutting agents].” Each strain comes in a full THC version guaranteed 85-90%+ THC and a 1:1 CBD:THC version as well. And unlike very nearly every other vape company, Spherex charges no more for their CBD cartridges than their full THC ones! Also these 510 threaded cartridges are on sale here at Elements Boulder the entire month of May, so come on in and pick one up.

Their 510 threaded batteries are simple to use, inhalation activated, and have an LED light-up tip–no button to mess with, just puff and go like you’re hitting a joint. A simple pen-style stick battery with a small price tag and a long lasting charge, Spherex’s vapes use CCELL Technology. According to Spherex, their “CCELL Technology embeds its heating coil within a cylindrical ceramic core, which provides even heating and an unparalleled vaping experience…for a precise on-demand vapor delivery up to 3 times more powerful than our competitors.” The cartridges that thread into these batteries each have a brightly colored mouthpiece to draw from which lights up when you pull so there’s no uncertainty whether you’re actually getting a rip or not. And their cartridges and batteries have a one year warranty, so if anything fails we will replace any defectives.

Spherex’s 500mg Pax Pods come in the same strains as the 510 threaded cartridges do, including the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio cartridges. These little bad boys are Pax’s proprietary double-coil pods for the Pax Era filled with the same CO2 extracted hash oil that has been enriched with cannabis derived terpenes. The huge benefit to these guys is you can control and adjust temperature settings using the Pax app on your phone, so you can fiddle with it to get more flavor at low temps and more vapor at high ones.

Last but not least, we picked up the Spherex 300mg disposable vape line of products. They come in three varieties: Focus Sativa, Chill Indica CBD 3:1, and Relief Hybrid CBD 1:1. The Focus Sativa vape is formulated to “stimulate the brain, enliven any conversation, spark creativity or enhance physical activity.” The terpenes added to createthis focused cerebral effect are Beta Pinene, Caryophyllene Oxide, and Trans Beta Ocimene, also giving it a nice earthy, piney, citrus taste. Whereas the Focus is designed to stimulate, the Chill Indica 3:1 reduces anxiety and promotes a feeling of well-being thanks to the CBD and terpenes Borneol, Linalool and Terpinolene, which also gives it distinct floral and pine notes. The disposable Relief Hybrid 1:1 is great for pain relief thanks to the balanced ratio of CDB to THC as well as the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects of the terpenes Fenchone and Camphene.

So come on in and give any of our new Spherex vape products a whirl. There’s nothing quite like some discreet vape this time of year when everyone wants to be outdoors and active. And if you come in to Elements Boulder on any Thursday for our Vape Escape deal: buy 2 or more vape products, get them all 25% off!