Vaping is a relatively new development in the smoking world. E-cigarettes really only blew up in America relatively recently, starting around 2003. Cannabis vape products are more recent still, considering medical cannabis sales only began in 2008 here in Colorado. Right out the gate, companies began innovating new methods of THC consumption, especially for those consumers looking for a more health-conscious way to enjoy marijuana. And thus the weed vape was born. Vaping is easier on the lungs, as the cannabis in a vape doesn’t reach combustible temperatures, so you’re not inhaling burning plant material which can be carcinogenic, rather the heating elements merely raise the cannabis to a high enough temperature to turn it into a vapor without combustion ever occurring.

Not sure whether this vape craze is for you? Sometimes it can be a real pain navigating the world of cannabis vaporizers, what with some companies producing non-interchangeable cartridges and batteries, the occasional defective product, and even some less reputable companies using harmful cutting agents such as propylene glycol. And that’s not even mentioning the cost of the initial investment to get the whole battery/charger/cartridge set-up. It’s enough to make anyone reconsider switching over from the tried and true flower and edibles camps. I myself took several months in the marijuana industry before I realized the convenience of vaping and overcame the stigma many a traditional flower smoker and former cigarette smoker has towards electronic, digital alternatives. Even having cleared that hurdle, it’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to vaping marijuana.

But now with our Pyramid Disposable Vaporizers, you can take all the guesswork out of the vape conundrum! These happy little dudes come in 150 mg and 300 mg Prism varieties, each with sativa, indica, and hybrid options of strain-specific CO2 oil, with the cartridge already integrated into the battery. Not only are the cannabinoids extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction (want to learn more about sc-CO2 extraction? See our most recent blog post on concentrate production), but then Pyramid takes the refinement process one step further “than ever before, by distilling the cannabinoids we leave you with the strongest oil possible.” And who can argue with higher THC potency and purity??

Pyramid’s products contain no additives, flavoring, or cutting agents; instead, they provide a clean, pure 100% cannabis oil guarantee. In fact, Pyramid touts their products as “the cleanest disposable vape on the market.” Additionally, the battery is designed to outlast the cartridge, so you can vape down the last drop of oil, unlike some cheaper alternatives with questionable battery life that may or may not provide enough power to finish off the cartridge. Pyramid vapes are discreet and easy to use–no buttons, preheating, or variable settings, just pull like you would on a joint. Going to a show and worried your stash may be smelled and confiscated? Taking a hike in a National Park? Introducing a friend to vaping or just snagging some relaxation on your lunch break? Give Pyramid disposables a toke. The real beauty of these vapes is that you can give vaping a try without all the hassle and rigamarole usually associated, and when you’re finished, you can recycle that bad boy. They’re a great way to see what the vape buzz is all about!

We here at Elements Dispensary in Boulder have had great luck with our Pyramid Disposable Vapes and can’t say enough good things about them. Ranging from 70% THC and going all the way up into the 90s, these vapes pens pack a wallop and are perfect for on-the-go, easily fitting in a pocket or purse. Come in today to try Pyramid Vapes in any number of strains, currently including Bio Cheese, Tangerine Haze, Kong, Blueberry Headband, Strawberry Cough, and Rare Darkness. New strains are arriving all the time–come in and try Pyramid Disposables today! Ask your friendly Elements budtender what their favorite strain is next time we see you or come in for Vape Escape Thursdays when you can get 25% off all vapes when you buy two or more, and try a variety! These vapes make great gifts for veteran chiefs and new dabblers alike. For current pricing, check out Weedmaps!