Pax pods are an incredible way to remain discreet while smoking on the go! I can’t remember the last time I left home without at least one pod to help get me through the day. These ingenious vape cartridges will work with either the Pax Era Life or Pax Era Pro batteries. The PAX Era is a compact, portable vaporizer which utilizes pre-filled pods to deliver cannabis to the consumer. The unit is constructed from a slate-covered, bead-blasted anodized aluminum. This material isn’t just chosen for its looks; it’s a strategically-selected material designed to evenly distribute the heat generated by the battery. Era Pro Is the latest addition to the Pax battery line. The Pro battery features haptic feedback, dose control and the PAXSmart Experience. Each battery comes in a variety of colors for personalization. The best feature of these batteries is the Pax app connectivity that will work with Android and Iphone giving you the ability to set your preferred dose, check pod ingredients, customize flavor and vapor settings and find the perfect pod for you.  

Pax pods are Brand and Strain specific for consumer convenience and personal preference. Most of us already have a favorite strain in mind when we plan on smoking concentrates so Pax has done their best to help you find and source your favorite strains from your favorite marijuana distributors. Here at Elements Boulder, we currently carry both Spherex and Spectra Pax cartridges. 

Our Spherex brand pax carts contain a high quality distillate with potencies ranging as high as 85-95%.They’re designed for a consistent, flavorful and enhanced experience. It’s a relief knowing that these carts are completely solventless and will never be cut with anything. (It is very important to stay away from vape cartridges containing any PG/VG/MCT or Vitamin E Acetate because these chemicals will ruin your lungs). We carry six of their amazing strains including GDP, Sweet Jack, OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Mango Kush and Chill Indica CBD 3:1.  

Spectra live Resin Cartridges also come in a variety of strains. Live Resin is made from fresh frozen plant material that is cryogenically preserved to produce a robust final product. These robust concentrates resemble the qualities of their live plant counterparts because terpenes and cannabinoids are easily preserved through this process. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons I recommend trying some of their more exclusive strains.