It may have snowed only three weeks ago, but summer is now officially here with our first week long 90 degree heat wave, and I am positively melting when out of doors. Looking to keep it cool while getting your marijuana fix? We’ve got just the trick at Elements Boulder Dispensary: MarQaha FlasQs and Blue Dream Ice Cream Sandwiches! These chilly edibles are great on a sweltering summer day to keep your temp down and your vibe chill. 

Blue Dream Ice Cream sandwiches are 50 milligram infused ice cream sandwiches that come in Vanilla, Praline, Sea Salt and Caramel, and Mint Chocolate Chip. These dudes are stuffed with flavored ice cream which is infused and is sandwiched between two chocolate crackers which have convenient dividing lines to indicate how large each 10 milligram portion is for accurate dosing, though to be honest every time I’ve bought one I haven’t been able to stop myself from finishing the whole sandwich. The first time I tried one, they were so tasty and have no hash taste whatsoever, to the point where I couldn’t figure out which was infused, the ice cream or the crackers; turns out it is the ice cream that is infused. The ice cream sammies come in insulated packaging so they can make it on the hot drive home, if you can make it that far without slamming down one of these tasty treats. Plus they pack a punch and tend to have a quicker uptake since the THC is bonded to the fats in the ice cream, which your body processes more rapidly than sugars so you have a quicker onset time than, say, gummies. And fairly soon Blue Dream Ice Cream will be rolling out their bon bons, frozen ice cream bars (think Snickers ice cream bars), and new flavors of single serve ice cream cups with sauce packets. Swing by Elements and snag one of these delicious, seasonally appropriate ice cream sandwiches!

Or maybe you’re looking for a tasty beverage to quench your thirst? Our MarQaha FlasQs are just what you’re looking for! The FlasQs are 100 milligram pocket sized bottled drinks whose cap can be used to measure out 10 milligram doses. They come out of our fridge in a variety of flavors and strain types, including a hybrid Fruit Punch, hybrid Pomegranate, sativa Ozo Coffee Shot, sativa Lemon Black Tea, and an indica Blueberry Chamomile. These FlasQs are “vegan, triple lab tested, great tasting, multi-use, discreet, gluten free, [and are made from] organic ingredients.” I’ve found two great ways of enjoying the FlasQs: as a mixed beverage or as a straight-up shot. I have an unbelievably high tolerance for edibles, and sometimes I just want to get as many milligrams into me as efficiently as possible without filling up on confectionery edibles, in which case I pound down the FlasQ in a couple quick gulps, rather like a high-octane double shot of hooch. BAM! Doesn’t take long before I’m in the upper stratosphere. These little drinks punch well above their weight. Or if you’re looking for a little more mellow experience, you can measure cap-fulls of the infused beverage into a non-infused beverage or (if you really want to get nuts and do a cross-fade) even an alcoholic beverage to make yourself a nice mixed drink or even a smoothie or shake. My favorite is a bit of the blueberry chamomile indica FlasQ in some iced tea and then piling in the hammock. Looking for a boost to elevate your high and keep you moving? Snag one of the Ozo Coffee Shot FlasQs for a shot of cold brew with a sativa kick, or mix it in with your morning cup of joe for a pick-me-up on those mornings you’re riding the struggle bus. And since your body can break down liquids much more rapidly than solids, the uptake time on these drinkable edibles is significantly shorter, so you’ll feel your edible sooner. The MarQaha FlasQs will be on sale for the entire month of July here at Elements Boulder, so come on down and get an icy cold drink straight out of the refrigerator! Got some friends coming over for a pool party or headed up to the mountains for a bit of camping? Toss a couple FlasQs in the ice chest for a refreshing treat and a wonderful high. Don’t forget, if you need to stock up on edibles, you can always come in on our Tasty Tuesday or Pick Any Deal Saturday to enjoy a significant savings on any quantity of edibles so long as you buy two or more!