Smoking a joint is perhaps the most iconic way to consume cannabis, pure flower rolled in delicate paper, and usually shared among friends. Pre-rolled joints take this to the next level by eliminating the need to roll your own, something that many people (including myself) find difficult/impossible. “Now what could be better than a pre-rolled joint?” you might be asking, how about a joint with even more active ingredients? Infused joints/infused pre-rolls is the name adopted for joints that have been “infused” with a little extra something, cannabis concentrate in most cases. The infusion can be anything from hash and wax, to live rosin and kief. Recently the popularity of infused joints has skyrocketed (partially based on the increased accessibility of cannabis extracts) but also for the somewhat obvious reason, they (on paper, at least) get you higher! This is mostly on account of something called “The Entourage Effect”, which I’ll do my best to explain now.

The entourage effect is the idea that all cannabis compounds work together, so when taken together they provide a better effect than when taken alone. The most common example of this is products (or more often than not, flower) that contain both THC and CBD. Some users have unwanted side effects from THC products (such as anxiety, and excessive hunger to name a few) and studies have shown that ingesting CBD in addition to THC may work to counteract these negative effects. This goes even further when other cannabis compounds are considered, such as terpenes. A 2018 study found that terpenes (when combined with CBD specifically) may provide “neuroprotective and/or anti-inflammatory” benefits. Now, with all this being said it’s important to note that the entourage effect is more of a theory than anything at this point. As with most things cannabis-related, not a ton of research exists, but there is evidence to suggest these correlations (and worst case scenario, you get a more intense and well rounded high!).

Science aside, I think it’s fair to say that most people are drawn to infused joints for the simple desire of a stronger high. Who can blame them? The effects from these infused joints can be more intense, longer lasting, and (remember the entourage effect) even provide effects/benefits that other products don’t! I’ve had the good fortune of sampling many of the products that we have here at the shop, and when compared to non-infused pre-rolls, there really is no contest. From a slower burn, to a better overall experience, the benefits are hard to ignore. I’ve even noticed that these infused joints burn more evenly than regular joints.

Like I said before, we carry many different infused joints here at Elements (Infused with a decent variety of different extracts too!). My personal favorite offering is the Bubble Joints by The Flower Collective. These little pinners pack a heavy punch with TFC’s signature solventless Bubble Hash. Kaviar Cones are another great option, 1.5g of premium flower infused with hash oil, rolled in kief, and delicately wrapped in rolling paper. If you’re looking for something infused with live extract, Edun makes a lovely pre-roll with live rosin. Finally, if the slow burn is what you’re after then look no further than Stratos’ Slowburn joints!

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