Halloween is upon and it is a good time to stop and reflect on the proper use and storage of cannabis products, especially in households with children and pets

While the edible market is full of many tasty treats it is important to remember to always start with a low dose at first.  It is best to start with 5 mg, wait an hour and then if you do feel anything take another 5 mg.  There is nothing worse that eating too many mg of edibles right out of the gate and having a really bad first experience.
You are in the Mile High State.  Don’t forget that.  The air is thinner, the climate is drier and whether you are drinking a brew from the local brewery or smoking some bud with your buds, it is more than likely going to hit you faster at elevation than at sea level.  Hydration is key.  Without the life-giving water, you are more than likely going to end up with a massive headache or hangover.
You wouldn’t leave your prescription medicines out where your child could get them.  You wouldn’t leave your liquor cabinet unlocked if you knew your kid was having friends over.   These items are no different than your marijuana.  Be sure to keep it out of reach and stored in a childproof container or a safe.  And don’t forget about your pets!  Do not leave any of these items out where they could get access to them either.
Have a safe and fun Halloweed!!