Much-anticipated and long-awaited, Elements Boulder Dispensary once again carries Green Dot Labs products! Personally, I am excited to have their super terpy, top-quality dabs back on the shelf. The live resin that Green Dot produces is one of the most sought after concentrates in the state of Colorado and nationwide. They are prized for their exquisite terpene content and the high quality of their extraction process. In a continuing effort to increase the quality of the dabs we sell, we will now be stocking their Silver Label and Black Label products.

Green Dot Labs is a Boulder based company founded by husband and wife, Alana and Dave Malone in 2014. Retail sales of recreational marijuana only began in 2014 in Colorado, so these folks have been around for a proverbial dog’s age doing what they do best: making cannasseur quality dabs. GDL has two tiers that their products broadly fall under–Silver and Black Label. 

Silver Label products are their more affordable grams of live resin that come in both Full Spectrum Extract form (FSE for short, which consists of sauce and diamonds) and Badder, which is a thicker consistency achieved by whipping the concentrate together to create a homogenous gram of concentrate. You can also get their FSE in 500mg cartridges. According to their team, “Green Dot Labs Silver Label concentrates feature retired strains from our Black Label Garden as well as material from other top Colorado cannabis cultivators, delivering full-flavor live resin at an affordable price. Silver Label extracts are produced by Green Dot Labs’ team of live resin experts using the same meticulous processes as our premium Black Label Live Resin™ line.” In other words, the Silver Label consists of fan favorites from their older genetics and strains from other growers around the state. These Silver Label dabs provide a lot of bang for your buck without breaking the bank. Personally, my reintroduction to Green Dot was by way of one of their Silver Label 500mg Live Resin cartridges–Lilac Shocker to be specific–and the cartridge was so fantastic that I burned through it like it was going out of fashion. The terps and taste were funky, skunky, and floral with a beautiful functional hybrid high that left me feeling like I was gliding past all my problems. I was so impressed that I immediately turned around and bought a Black Label 500mg cartridge as soon as I finished my Silver Label. 

Black Label on the other hand is Green Dot’s top-tier fancy biz. In order to maintain the exclusivity of their genetics, only Green Dot-grown flower makes the cut for their Black Label products. This means you will find these genetics nowhere else. Just like the Silver Label, Black Label comes in several different varieties. There are the same grams of FSE, Live Badder, and 500mg Live Resin cartridges, but recently GDL dropped their newest product: Black Label Live Rosin. The same great genetics are used as in their Live Resin but now available totally solventless and completely untouched and unchanged from the way nature intended us to enjoy cannabis: fresh and pure. Green Dot Labs describe their Black label FSE as “Green Dot Labs’ connoisseur-grade dabbable FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) features THCa crystals in a highly aromatic terpene sauce that is produced using meticulous, time-intensive refinement techniques. Pick up some of our FSE and mix rocks and sauce for a custom-designed dab every time.” Whereas they portray their Badder as “the ribeye steak of the cannabis concentrates world. Our Black Label Live Badder is created by emulsifying the essential oils of the whole, fresh-frozen cannabis plant, resulting in an ultra-rich, homogenous concentrate with a malleable, uniform consistency with the look and feel of wet cake batter. Combining intense flavor, high potency and consistent texture, Black Label Live Badder delivers a smooth experience with a mouth-coating richness beloved by cannabis aficionados. Experience our Black Label Live Badder for a perfectly balanced, deeply nuanced dabbing experience.” From personal experience I’ve found that their Black Label Live Resin is of a quality equal to or better than some of the solventless rosin dabs available on the market currently, and while I haven’t had the pleasure of trying their rosin yet I have no doubt it will be of peerless quality. I snagged one of the fancy new Blu Froot 500mg Black Label cartridges and it is fantastic. I hit it twice, enjoyed the blazes out of the super funky fruity terps, and was baked for a good long time. I know for certain that I’ll be buying more Black Label concentrates as soon as I finish this one. The quality of the dabs are absolutely worth the extra couple bucks more than the Silver Label, and you can always rest assured you’ll wind up with only the premier genetics in your Green Dot Black Label dabs.

And as for their new Black Label Live Rosin, here’s what Green Dot has to say. “Our Live Rosin starts with flavorful, potent cannabis varietals from our extensive genetic library. After being carefully cultivated in the Black Label garden, our plants are harvested at peak freshness and extracted using time-tested artisanal cold water hash-making techniques, producing a vividly flavorful Live Rosin with thousands of live trichome heads in every gram. Pick up a gram of Black Label Live Rosin to experience the fresh, intense flavors and effects in the finish that connoisseurs covet.” So if you’re looking for the same great refined high you know and love from GDl but you don’t want any of the solvents, snag yourself a gram of their sweet, sweet rosin.  Whatever product you get from Green Dot Labs, you can be certain you’re getting only the highest quality concentrates. And keep your eyes peeled because Green Dot Labs is going to start doing drops of their exclusive flower here just as soon as their newly opened 2nd grow is up to full speed!