Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

We love spotlighting our employees!

Max Tegethoff

How long have you been with Elements?

Just over three years as of August!

Where are you from?

Tucson, AZ born and raised.

What is your favorite Strain?
Right now it’s probably Gelato Cake from In The Flow growers or LA Kush Cake from Veritas. I am a big fan of those Wedding Cake indica hybrids.

What is your favorite edible?
Full Melt caramels are a new edition to our line-up, and I think they’re delicious. They have a nice chewy consistency, not too soft and not too hard, with a great buttery taste and not a trace of hashiness.

What is your favorite infused product all around?
After we had one at our company party, I decided to buy a 12g Blue Hash Plant Godfather cannagar from Xiaolin Cannagars as a splurge, and let me tell you it was worth every penny. You feel like a real Made Man when smoking one of those gold leaf coated bad boys. The quality of the flower, the concentrate, and the roll job are top tier. They burn super smooth and are easy to put out and relight. I was skeptical at first, but the dudes at Xiaolin have made me a believer.

Why are you in the industry?
Someday I hope to open a dispensary in Missoula, MT, so I came to Colorado to learn the tricks of the trade. I’ve learned a ton in my time here at Elements, and ever since moving up to manager the learning curve has gotten steeper. Montana has some marijuana initiatives on the ballot, so who knows!

What do you do for fun?
I’m a big nerd. I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k with my friends. I love board games, video games, and podcasts. And the rest of the time I spend hanging out with my dog.

Favorite quote to live by?
“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” –Frank Herbert, Dune

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