Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

We love spotlighting our employees!

Max Wermuth

How long have you been with Elements?

Just over 5years now!

Where are you from?

Littleton, Colorado Native

What is your favorite Strain?

Dutch Botanicals Grumpz. It’s a wonderful Indica dominant hybrid with an awesome body high that makes you feel weightless. 

What is your favorite edible?

Coda Cream & Crumble bar. It is like eating a lemon cheesecake but it gets you high. The gram cracker in it is delicious!

What is your favorite infused product all around?

Bubble Joints from the Flower Collective. These joints are made with bubble hash and always make me feel as high as the first time I smoked. 

Why are you in the industry?

I love being able to educate people about weed and show that is is more than just a “drug”.

What do you do for fun?

I am an avid video gamer and streamer!

Favorite quote to live by?

“Do or Do not there is no try” 




EOTM Product Pick: 25% OFF Coda Chocolates