Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

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Eric Elrod

Where are you from?
Sugarland, TX

What is your favorite Stain?
Chemmy Jones by In the Flow. The flavor of the strain is a big reason; super tropical and pungent with subtle hints of pine.

What is your favorite edible?
Coda’s Creme & Crumble is by far the best flavor of chocolate I have come across while living in CO. Tastes like keylime pie which has been my favorite dessert since I was a kid.

What is your favorite infused product all around?
Live Resin will always be my favorite marijuana infused product. Since they take the still alive plant, flash freeze and then process it makes for a flavor packed adventure while also giving you one of the best effects.

Why are you in the industry?
I am in the industry to further my knowledge as much as I possibly can. It all started when I first smoked with a couple of really good friends. Now of course I do everything because my wife has many health problems that are aided with the consumption of cannabis.

What do you do for fun?
Tea parties with my kids. Hide and seek with my eldest. I do as much with my kids as I possibly can.

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