Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

We love spotlighting our employees!

Samantha Collier

How long have you been with Elements?

3 1/2 years now

Where are you from?

The farm lands of New Jersey!

What is your favorite Strain?

Currently , Dulce De Ulva, It is such a nice heady high. I like strains that hit me behind the eyes.

What is your favorite edible?

I love the Dialed in Rosin Gummies. I love the New CBD ones too! They Have so much info that is easy to find!

What is your favorite infused product all around?

I love a good infuzed joint, it reminds me  lot of past cigarette addictions. Smoking Joints Helped me wean off of cigarettes.

Why are you in the industry?

 I wanted to learn about this industry and engage in some of the newest avenues within it. My goal is to open my own social consumption site.

What do you do for fun?

I read, sing, dance, and play ukulele. I love Rollerskating and hiking. Now that it is spring, I will be doing lots of gardening!

Favorite quote to live by?

“Put down the damn phone!”  ~every mom ever



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