Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

We love spotlighting our employees!

Eric Elrod

Where are you from?
Houston, TX

What is your favorite Stain?
Anything with Chem Dawg. The terpene profile is just the best. Predominantly valencene, caryophyllene and humulene which provide a nice balance of diesel, earthy and pungent notes as for it’s effects. Mostly very happy, some what stimulated and very relaxing. 

What is your favorite edible?
Altus gummies! Doesn’t matter what flavor, they are all  delicious because they use fresh fruit puree. So they taste like they are suppose to and they are good for anyone that has to limit the amount of sugar they can have. 

What is your favorite infused product all around?
Live rosin very similar to live resin. Just solvent-less. 

Why are you in the industry?
To learn!

What do you do for fun?
Hang out with my dogs of course. Tea parties with my girls and whatever else they want to do! 

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