Ceria Brewing Co. recently rolled out a delicious line of Belgian-style White Ales this summer. But what makes their ale different than the countless other breweries that Colorado is famous for? They’ve combined their brews with another Colorado specialty: marijuana. These Ceria Grainwave beers are de-alcoholized, so they contain less than half a percent ABV, but are each infused with 5mg of THC. Ceria bills their beers as “A refreshing, medium-bodied ale brewed with blood orange peel and coriander and infused with THC for a new spin on a Belgian classic.” They taste like a hoppier version of Blue Moon and are super smooth on the palate while still delivering a good buzz from the marijuana.

As a recovering alcoholic, I can’t say enough about these beers, because they provide me with an opportunity to enjoy a taste I have certainly missed while maintaining a healthy and responsible lifestyle. I can now grab a couple beers to bring to a barbecue and celebrate the end of the beautiful summer weather without worry of relapse. And that’s not to say these beverages are marketed purely to folks like myself who have struggled with alcohol addiction. According to Market Watch, “millennials drink far less alcohol than past generations, an annual national survey of 50,000 adolescents and young adults in America from the Monitoring the Future Study found. The share of college students who drink alcohol daily fell from 4.3% in 2016 to 2.2% in 2017, a drop of more than four percentage points from the 6.5% of college students who used alcohol daily in 1980.” Similarly, Medical Marijuana Inc. asserts that 34% of millenials will choose cannabis over beer. The reasons are simple: no hangover and a cheaper cost than alcohol in most major cities.

Ceria (which rhymes with ‘area’) has stepped in to fill that niche in the cannabis market. I’m a big classical history buff, so here’s a little etymology lesson for you. Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture, but more specifically grains and wheats. Fun fact: every April she received a week long festival called the Cerealia, and therein you can see where we get our word for ‘cereal.’ Even the company’s slogan Cannabis pro Omnibus (Latin for cannabis on behalf of/for us all) hints at this history. Since hops also falls under Ceria’s deific purview, it makes sense that she adorns Ceria Brewing Co’s logo for their Grainwave beers. So in a way, you could say Ceria Brewing Co is divinely inspired by a history that dates all the way back to ancient Rome.

If white ales aren’t your style, keep your eyes peeled for new Ceria products in the months to come. They plan to release a 10mg IPA, a 2.5mg American Lager, and rumors have been swirling about perhaps a Stout that’s in the works. But in the meantime, come see us at Elements Boulder and snag a pack of beers for your end-of-summer gatherings or all your Oktoberfest needs. We’ve got deals on singles and doubles, and those can be applied in any increment. So let’s raise a glass to this ancient brew in a brave new cannabis format! Hail Ceria!