Find out everything there is to know about our store

Do you take Credit/Debit Card?

We accept debit cards only. Must have a pin. Our debit card processing is $2.50. We also have an ATM onsite that charges $3.

Can I travel out of state with my marijuana/marijuana items?

NO! You are not able to transport any marijuana bought in Colorado outside of Colorado. Please only enjoy in the state of Colorado.

So, I can just smoke on the street after my purchase, then right?

NO. You must be on PRIVATE property or at a smoking lounge to indulge. Public consumption is not tolerated, and you could be issued a ticket by the local law enforcement.

Are you MED and REC?

We are Rec only! No medical. If you bring a current Medical card and show it to your budtender, you can get 20% off your total!

I’ve never done edibles before; how much should I consume at a time?

The recommended dosing is 10mg (if you really want to be on the safe side then 5mg) of THC edibles. Recreational edibles in Colorado must come dosed in 10mg or less pieces. So even though you come in and buy a 100mg edible, it will be broken into pieces of 10mg or less, so you are able to exactly dose your experience.

What kind of ID’s can I use to shop?

Government issued Id’s: Passport, passport card, drivers license, identification card. We also can accept tribal cards.

Do you offer a loyalty program?

We offer a points per dollar spent reward program that you can use for exclusive deals/money back! Ask your budtender for more details!

Do you have coupons anywhere?

See our listing on leafbuyer.com/dispensaries/CO/Boulder/elements-boulder

Also look for us in Rooster Magazine!

Do you offer a veteran discount?

We offer 10% off for all active and retired military! Thank you for your service!

What is your tax rate?

Currently in Boulder city the tax rate is 24.45% on all marijuana products. Non-marijuana products are taxed at 8.85%